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Cora Laszlo is a Brazilian dance-maker, choreographer, teacher, and author. She holds a BA in Dance and a Licentiate degree in Dance. Teaching from UNICAMP (Brazil), a specialization degree in Klauss Vianna Technique from PUC-SP (Brazil), and is currently pursuing a MA in Performance Studies at NYU . Cora has been based in New York since 2018, where she created her most recent dance solo, "December 32",  performed at the Movement Research at the Judson Church, Open Performance, and SESC (Brazil). She is currently a LEIMAY Arts in the Community Garden Commissioned Fellow. Cora has been the recipient of several Brazilian grants for dance and has also established partnerships with artists from different media and nationalities. Cora is a Klauss Vianna Technique specialist—a Brazilian dance and somatic education technique. In 2018, she published a peer-reviewed book on teaching the Klauss Vianna Technique for teenagers, titled "Outros Caminhos de Dança: Técnica Klauss Vianna para Adolescentes e para Adolescer."

Photo by Chun Fotografia
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