Since 2011, I have pursued academic research that dialogues with my artistic and pedagogical practices. As a result of these investigations, I have published papers in journals and also published a book. Follow the links below to access this material.


For the time being, all my scholarly output is in Portuguese (translations into English are envisaged). Contact me to know more about it or subscribe to my newsletter.






Técnica Klauss Vianna para Adolescentes e para Adolescer

Cora Miller Laszlo

Summus Editorial 2018 


In Brazil, the book is available in many book stores or at Salão do Movimento in Campinas. You can also buy it here.


For those in New York, you can contact me directly to purchase the book.


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• “Começar Diferente: Técnica Klauss Vianna para crianças e adolescentes.” 

Authors: Jussara Miller and Cora Miller Laszlo

Journal: Revista TKV, v. 2, p. 5-11, 2018. 

DOI 10.17648

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• “A Sala e a Cena: a importância pedagógica de processos criativos em dança e educação somática.  ”

Authors: Jussara Miller and Cora Miller Laszlo

Journal: Cadernos do GIPE-CIT (UFBA), v. 20, p. 150-167, 2016. 

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