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Wuppertal Tanztheater Pina Baush

Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil)

Eddie Martinez, a long date dancer of the Wuppertal Tanzthetre Pina Baush was invited by the Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil) to give a one month dance residency to a group of twenty dancers from all over Brazil. Eddie worked with Pina Baush's approach for creative process: he would propose several questions to each of the dancer answer with their creations. At the end there was a performance combining part of the material created.

PHOTOS _ Residency Studies

PHOTOS _ Residency Performance

Photographer | Daniel Faguntes

I.P.L. BRAZIL 2013


Created and Cordenated by Khosro Adibi

Khosro Adibi is a multidisciplinary artist currently working as a teacher, performer, director, video/photographer, visual artist and light/stage designer in different projects, theatre and dance theatre productions. Regularly trained the Rosas Company in Brussels, Maguy Marin Company in Lyon and has been performing with Les Ballets C. de la B. Khosro has also developed and coordinated some artistic, educative and social projects in Europe and Latin America.


I.P.L. is a creative residency. This edition was in Matão, a small city in Brazil, where during two weeks the artists – mainly Brazilians and Argentinians – had classes with Khosro in the morning and, in the afternoon, went to an old factory to create site-specific work to a performance at the end.


Here you can see photos of the creative process and also of the final performance.