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Created and danced by Cora Laszlo 

December 32 is a dance about ways, crossroads, and fragilities. About locked screams and sad tropics. A dance that dreams with an inexistent home, remembers an inexistent future, prophesy an inexistent past. There is just what one can see.  There is the need to explain, to find out the origins and the exits. However, there is no time for that. There are not enough moments for that. Let’s stay, so, for a few minutes, on December 32.


The piece was premiered in process at Movement Research at Judson Church on January 14, 2019. The full work (50 min length) was premiered in Sesc Campinas on January 8, 2020.

PHOTOS at Judson Church - New York

Photographer | Ian Douglas

PHOTOS at SESC Campinas - Brazil

Photographer | Caio Petrônio

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