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– 2015

Choreographer and Dancer | Jussara Miller
Director and Dramaturgy | Norberto Presta

Photography, audiovisual and soundtrack |  Christian Laszlo

Choreographic assistance | Cora Laszlo

Poems | Alice Ruiz S

Light design| Cristiano Pedott


A dance solo by Jussara Miller in which dance, photography and literature dialogue.


This work has received two Denilton Gomes Awards: "Best Choreography" and "Best Dance Soundtrack." It was also nominated as "Best Dance" by the São Paulo State Governor Award.


Cora Laszlo was the choreographic assistant, and she replaced Jussara Miller in one performance.  


Cora Laszlo has danced "NADA PODE TUDO" to replace Jussara Miller.

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