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– 2012 –

Choreographer and dancer | Cora Laszlo

Soundtrack | Christian Laszlo

Counseling | Jussara Miller 


Deixe-me Inventar (Eng.: Let me Invent) is a solo dance performance created in 2012. I’ve researched the relationship between people and between people and their environment. My inquiry assesses the construction of singularity concerning our surroundings. Quino’s cartoons, especially his light-hearted take on the feelings aroused by social connections, were a starting point for my research.
In dialogue with
Quino’s drawing, colorful yarns of wool are manipulated in each performance, and their entanglement grows from one performance to the next. This produces a performance that has its history in the shape of an ever-expanding wool knot.


To know more go to the "Deixe-me Inventar" Facebook page.


Designer | Ianick Takaes