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– 2012–

Choreographer and Director | Teresa Ranieri
Dancers | Cora Laszlo, Aline Brasil, Ana Paula de Carmo, Ayumi Hanada, Carlos Oliveira, Carolina Canteli, Daniela Moraes, Everton Ferreira, Flávia Pinheiro, Gabriel Tolgyesi, Gabriela Branco, Giovanna Marqueli, Iara Guller, Honar Hory, Juliana de Bonis, Jun Hosotani, Layla Bucaretchi, Maíra Alves, Maitê Lacerda, Marina Vieira Farias, Murilo Duarte, Natália Oliveira, Nathan Ranhel, Patrícia Rodrigues, Susana Kiguti, Thaís Dos Santos, Tutu Marasi, Wanessa Di Guimarães

Light Designer | Teresa Ranieri

Technical Consultant | Valmir Perez

Production Assistant | Tais Tonetto

Costumes | Caio Sanfelice and Helô Cardoso

Graphic Design | Marcus Braga

Video | Bruno Perosa  


 …… when bodies produce meanings beyond the senses…..


Created during the Italian choreographer Teresa Ranieri's artistic residency at the State University of Campinas - Brazil, this project aimed to portray the universe of the body in its many facets: body as an instrument, body as ephemeral, as transcendence of feelings, the body as an individual, as a fragment, as meat, as  manipulated object fragile and vulnerable. The body constantly portrays needs, tensions, pleasures but it also hides and keeps pain, shame or fears. Corpus depicts precisely these multifaceted aspects by using dancing bodies in an attempt to value their individuality.


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