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Imaginary Solutions for Love


In this dance solo, Cora Laszlo asks what love moves and how to move with love. In the search for inventing imaginary solutions to imaginary problems, the dance is built on flow of improvisation and rediscovery. Gambiarra is a Portuguese word for unexpected solutions invented for unexpected problems. Love can be a great gambiarra: a personal, specific and non-normative invention for what we face. It's as true as it is all fantasy.


The piece was premiered in process at Movement Research at Judson Church on May, 2023. The full work (50 min length) was premiered in a season on Teatro Centro da Terra, in São Paulo/Brazil on Augst and September 2023.


On the media  

Concept, Creation and Dance | Cora Laszlo
Provocation |  Jussara Miller
Light Design | Eduardo Albergaria
Sound and Set Design | Christian Laszlo
Poem | sadé pawell

PHOTOS at Judson Church - New York

Photographer | Rachel Keane

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