Cora Laszlo is a Brazilian dance-maker, performer, teacher, and author. Her creative and pedagogical work is based on the Klauss Vianna Technique, which is focused on improvisation, context-awareness, and creative processes. Cora holds a B.A. in Dance and a Licentiate degree in Dance Teaching from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil) and an M.A. in Klauss Vianna Technique from PUC-SP (Brazil).


Her works and projects have been performed in several cities, festivals, theaters, and universities in Brazil. Cora has also been the recipient of several grants for the creation of dance performances, the most recent being the PROAC Primeiras Obras, a Brazilian grant for early career dancers. This grant was awarded for the project Entre o Óbvio e o Nunca Visto (Eng.: Amid the Obvious and the Ever Unseen), a series of duets between Cora and six different dancers, in which the whole performances — music, and lighting included – were improvised. Deixe-me Inventar (Eng.: Let me Invent) — a solo performance with an ever-growing entanglement of wool — also received a grant (SAE Aluno Artista) and has been performed since 2012 in different cities. Cora has also worked with Brazilian and foreign dancers, choreographers, visual artists, and filmmakers, both emerging and well-established.


Cora is an instructor of the Klauss Vianna Technique. Her expertise is dance teaching for teenagers: she started working with this age group in 2011 at Salão do Movimento, and, in 2012, she received a FAPESP scholarship to research this approach, which led to her dissertation at PUC-SP. Her investigations coalesced into a book titled Outros Caminhos de Dança (Eng.: Other dance ways), published in 2018.


After moving to New York in August 2018, Cora started creating a new solo called December 32, which debuted at the Movement Research at the Judson Church. She has also performed at Fi:Af (in the Crossing the Line Festival) as part of the ensemble of Tunisian choreographer Shyhem Belkhodja.

Photo by Chun Fotografia
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