The Klauss Vianna Technique classes embody movement research through improvisation practices that arise from specific corporal topics and motion vectors. The scores allow people to work their creativity, musicality, flexibility, movement awareness, presence, and postural alignment.


The corporal topics from the Klauss Vianna Technique are: presence, articulations, weight, support, resistance, and global axis. The movement vectors are distributed in eight force vectors distributed throughout the bone system.


The classes are open to all bodies and dance experiences, for the technique respects and helps one to achieve their uniqueness; everyone can learn and exchange at the same time. It is, therefore, a contemporary dance technique that stimulates singularity and autonomy. Starting from the indissociability between technique and creation, every class aims to deepen movement awareness and its performance potentials: the teacher points to dance paths, while the students have to find and create their way through them.


Each class engages a different movement topic or vector, thereby exploring the possible developments in terms of improvisation studies, phrase work, partnering, ensemble investigation, stretching, strengthening, and body awareness. The scores and strategies are developed for each class and group.


See below the classes I offer. Contact me if you require more information. 


• Klauss Vianna Technique for performing artists: the objective of this class is to challenge the artists to discover and experience other dance ways. We will study composition practices, improvisation strategies, create dance scores. This work is based on the body listening and the relationship to the surrounding. This classes can also be given to dance or theater ensembles which are searching for innovative physical training, presence development, and performance strategies research.


• Klauss Vianna for adults: this class is for everyone willing to develop their movement awareness, have dance improvisation experience, and improve their postural alignment. The course promotes autonomy for the person to research and implement the work in their daily life and any other context. 


• Klauss Vianna Technique for teenagers: this class will provide a highly sensorial and explorative experience for teenagers through improvisation and movement sequences. It will help them build – in this particularly intense moment of their lives – their singularity and context-awareness. There is usually a performance created by the students under my direction at the end of each teaching year. 


Klauss Vianna Technique for children: in this class, children will experience movement in relation to their singularity through ludic scores and propositions. We will study the relationship between movement and music, group-awareness, postural alignment, and physical flexibility.


• Individual or small groups classes: I also give individual or small groups classes, which are focused on movement awareness, stretching, strengthening, and the students’ needs. This private class meets the student where they are. 



DOCUMENTARY _ Klauss Vianna Technique for Teenagers


Adults classes


Teenagers classes


Teenagers students performances


Teenagers classes and performances

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